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At the moment our class hours depend on appointment. Generally one of us will be in the studio to assist you.Hours vary on firing days, but the space is usually open. We operate on a Monday - Saturday schedule from 10am to 5pm


Molly Spadone - Portland, me

Outside of the studio we love to capture the beautiful moments of life in photos. Whether it is travel or site specific, we enjoy the documentation each frame provides. We've shared a few and provided a link to our own personal image bank.

A large part of our process is influenced by other great artists. Please browse our friends' pages from the links below or via social media from either of our pages.

21 day fix

Studio Education

We are new to the growing market of home staging and decorating. However our experience in interiors provide us with the skills to complete any assigned task. We are available for all your holiday needs and special ocassions.

Please Mind Our Progress With This New Site. We Will Be Updating The Space Periodically Until Our Official Launch Date In The Next Few Weeks. We Welcome Current Visitors To Witness Our Growth And Movement Forward Into Both The Globe & The South Carolina Arts Community.

Cool products

We like to document the outlets that aid in our development. Below are a few sites for reference. Feel free to comment on our blog


We offer flexibility for any artist wishing to expand his workplace. Studio and kiln space is available at a relatively modest price.

We operate a fun and creative atmosphere and always enjoy a good laugh. Below we shared a few funnies with you. We will update our blog on Wordpress & Instagram with similar content for giggles. These are just a few of our favorites

Essential oils


Anja Lanfranchi - Asheville, NC

witherup farms



Our skill sets have developed tremendously over the last few years. As a studio we would like to accredit each facet that has made this endeavor possible. The organizations from which we have learned so much offer certain dynamics that foster artistic knowledge and inspire such creative growth. Check out the links below to see where we've been crafting...


JOhn Johnson - NMB, SC

liz Kelly - Raleigh, nc


Our Studio

We are currently on the search for finding locations to showcase our work and to offer sales outside of the studio & website.

Happiness lies within food. We love food! So fortunately, one of our craftsmen has another skill set aside from his work, which is basically an art in itself. Some hearty dishes have inspired our stoneware. Derek has worked in well known restaurants and retail for a good bit of his career and is professionally seasoned in the kitchen. He can certainly turn out some grub and make it look pretty. He is for hire!  Below are some of his favorites.

Baked goods

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Sam Norman - Fergus falls, MN

We enjoy offering other products that collaborate with our design. Check out the links below to pals of ours that provide wellness in life and home.